Investing money with the Hartmutson Portfolio

The Hartmutson Portfolio forms the basis for an open-end index certificate (wikifolio certificate) listed on the stock exchange. The certificate is traded on the Stuttgart stock exchange and can therefore be bought and sold through nearly any bank and online broker or directly at Lang & Schwarz. Wikifolio certificates are collateralized. Losses from a general issuer risk associated with certificate investments are largely hedged.


Certificate fee 0.95% per year 

Performance fee 22% calculated on high-watermark-principle

Investing in the Hartmutson wikifolio index certificate is pretty easy.


Once you have opened a custody account with any bank or online broker, you can order the Hartmutson wikifolio index certificate using its ISIN (International Securities Identification Number). Just as easy as any other security. 

Have you decided to invest capital in the Hartmutson Portfolio please consider the spread (difference between buying and selling price). Usually fluctuating between 0.5% and 2%, the spread is lowest when the US stock exchanges are open. 

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