His eToro portfolio focuses on technology and healthcare stocks, capitalising on his core skills as a machine learning expert. He analyses megatrends in markets and news to perform fundamental valuations and bespoke machine learning algorithms to determine the intrinsic value of stock prices.
Real-time adjusting learning allows Attila to rebalance the portfolio composition in response to changes in liquidity and valuations.

Dr Heloïse Greeff is a data-obsessed engineer driven by her deep-seated intellectual curiosity for technology and problem-solving. She trained as mechatronics engineer in South Africa, where she is originally from, before coming the UK to pursue an MBA and PhD in machine learning at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. She dived into the stock market on eToro in 2016 after completing her MBA at Oxford Saïd Business School.  

She currently serves as:

  • Research Fellow in machine learning at the University of Oxford

  • Board Member of Australian biometric startup, MyRaphael Covatrx

  • Oxford Enterprise and Innovation Fellow


In her work as machine learning research fellow, she not only stays on top of the latest trends in technology and AI developments, particularly in the healthcare sector, but also contributes to novel applications of machine learning. In addition to academic publications, her work has resulted in two filed patents, and the creation of a spin-out company in rural east Africa.

Her previous awards and roles related to AI/tech include:

  • IBM Watson AI XPrize Red Judge | RAEng Africa Innovation Prize Judge

  • Fifty Inspiring women in tech South Africa

  • Joint winner of the Oxford Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation award

  • MIT Global Startup Fellow

  • Bertha Scholar and Allan Gray Orbis Fellow in South Africa for “future high-impact, social entrepreneurs”


She believes strongly in the value of financial literary amongst all age groups in order to educate people about the importance of wealth management and investing. Heloïse hopes that her success in both engineering and finance can help break the mould for women in field where their talents remain underutilised.